DPSE Laboratory

Distributed and Parallel Software Engineering Laboratory

The research team in DPSE Laboratory at Arizona State University, directed by Professor Stephen S. Yau, performs extensive research in the areas of software engineering, distributed computing systems, cyber security, middleware and ubiquitous computing. The research team has been funded by industry and various government agencies, including NSFONRAFRL and ARO

The ongoing research project of SoD: Design of Service-based Software Systems with QoS Monitoring and Adaptation, funded by NSF, is unique and is helping to advance the state of the art in the emerging discipline of Service-based systems (SBS). The team has been developing a framework effectively incorporating QoS Monitoring and Adaptation (M/A) capabilities in SBS to support the design of SBS in incorporating tradeoffs among multiple QoSfeatures. Due to the limited time and resources for the project, our research focus is on four QoS features: timeliness, throughput, accuracy and security, which are important for many critical applications. To achieve this objective, our research includes the following three major research tasks: (1) design of QoS monitoring capability in Adaptable SBS (ASBS), (2) design of QoS adaptation capability in ASBS, and (3) validation of design through simulations. The effectiveness of our research results will be evaluated on a representative networked system testbed and a suite of simulation models for the networked system.

Recent research projects in DPSE Laboratory also include Trustworthy Data Sharing and Management for Collaborative Pervasive Computing EnvironmentsSecurity and Survivability of Real-time Systems with MANETs, Adaptable Situation-Aware Secure Service-Based (AS3) Systems, and Reconfigurable Context-Sensitive Middleware