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Engineering  |  Distributed and Parallel Software Engineering Laboratory


Current PhD Students

Dazhi Huang
Gautam Pohare
Christopher McLean
Yin Yin
Ho An
Christopher Harris
Jing Huang
Fengzhe Xie

Recent PhD Graduates

Zhaoji Chen


Junwei Liu


Luping Zhu

(07/08, An Approach to Automated Agent Deployment in Service-based Systems)

Haishan Gong

(07/07, Development of Situation Awareness Capability in Service-based Systems)

Choksing Taweponsomkiat

(12/06, A Framework for Extensible Component Customization for Component-Based Software Development)

Yisheng Yao

(12/06, A Framework For Managing And Enforcing Security Policies In Service-Oriented System)

Xinyu Zhang

(08/04, Design patterns and component integration, Freescale Semiconductor)

Yu Wang

(12/03, Situation-Aware Application Software Development in Ubiquitous Computing Environment, Auburn University)

Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed

(08/03, An Information Dissemination Service for Ubiquitous Computing Applications) Marquette University)

Fariaz Karim

(05/03, Context-Sensitive Object Request Broker for Ubiquitous Computing Environments, Intel Corporation)

Dong Ning

(03/00, Integration in component-based software development using design patterns, Oracle Corporation)

Bing Xia

(98, Object-oriented distributed software component development and integration in common object environments, Sun Microsystems)

Changju Gao

(98, Object-oriented event service and management for large-scale distributed systems, Novell)

Recent MS Graduates

Srikanth Varadarajan

Rajesh Govardhanagiri

Siddharth Seth

Abhinav Prasad

Yato Adeyemi

Vageesh Banga

Gaurav Goyal

Srinivas Kakani