Current PhD Students

Dazhi Huang
Gautam Pohare
Christopher McLean
Yin Yin
Ho An
Christopher Harris
Jing Huang
Fengzhe Xie

Recent PhD Graduates

Zhaoji Chen


Junwei Liu


Luping Zhu

(07/08, An Approach to Automated Agent Deployment in Service-based Systems)

Haishan Gong

(07/07, Development of Situation Awareness Capability in Service-based Systems)

Choksing Taweponsomkiat

(12/06, A Framework for Extensible Component Customization for Component-Based Software Development)

Yisheng Yao

(12/06, A Framework For Managing And Enforcing Security Policies In Service-Oriented System)

Xinyu Zhang

(08/04, Design patterns and component integration, Freescale Semiconductor)

Yu Wang

(12/03, Situation-Aware Application Software Development in Ubiquitous Computing Environment, Auburn University)

Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed

(08/03, An Information Dissemination Service for Ubiquitous Computing Applications) Marquette University)

Fariaz Karim

(05/03, Context-Sensitive Object Request Broker for Ubiquitous Computing Environments, Intel Corporation)

Dong Ning

(03/00, Integration in component-based software development using design patterns, Oracle Corporation)

Bing Xia

(98, Object-oriented distributed software component development and integration in common object environments, Sun Microsystems)

Changju Gao

(98, Object-oriented event service and management for large-scale distributed systems, Novell)

Recent MS Graduates

Srikanth Varadarajan

Rajesh Govardhanagiri

Siddharth Seth

Abhinav Prasad

Yato Adeyemi

Vageesh Banga

Gaurav Goyal

Srinivas Kakani